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Feb 25, 2015

I am a first time mom and my daughter has been going to Anmol Daycare for about 18 months. I can’t say enough about how satisfied and happy we have been. We were looking for something bigger than a home daycare, but not a big center. Anmol Daycare is the perfect fit. Our daughter has learned so much since she started. Madhu Singh and Kuljit are fantastic. They are caring, patient, and kind. Madhu Singh is also willing to give advice and help us when we have a question. I love that she serves home cooked meals and snacks. The facility is clean and there are lot of developmental toys for the kids to play with. Thanks to Madhu, I recommend Anmol day care.

And this is what my husband, Prakash, has to say:

My daughter has been going to Anmol day care since she was 18 months. She likes day care?, other children and Madhu Singh. Madhu and nanny are very good with children and they have taken care of my daughter very well. My daughter learnt many things in the day care and we noticed the many improvements. She had fun, games, birth day celebrations and gifts. She has good friends in the day care and used to explain us how much fun they had. ?Thanks to Madhu and Kuljit for taking care of my daughter and highly recommend Anmol day care to other parents.

Thanks again and I am sure my daughter going to miss her little cutie friends.

Vijeya, San Jose, CA
(Moving to Milpitas, hence will discontinue by end of Feb)

July 14, 2014

My son has been going to Anmol Daycare for the past one year. MadhuSingh is really efficient and good at making the kids comfortable, in minimal time when they start going to her day care. She manages the day care in a nice way and things that I like about Anmol Day care are
1. Activity for all the kids in the morning
2. Home cooked Indian food for kids
3. Nap time as per kids needs
4. Play time every day, indoor or outdoor depending on the weather
5. Convenient hours of operation
6. Nice helper, Kuljit who has been working there almost since they opened the Daycare. She is very patient, attentive and remembers each and every kid’s needs.
7. Never saw kids crying when coming to the Daycare.
In spite of all of the above, as a working mom, I feel secured that my son is in good hands and he is getting what he needs. I sincerely recommend Anmol Day care as one of the best home day cares in the Bay Area.

Ramani, San Jose, CA
(existing parent and also a doctor herself)

Aug 28, 2012

My 20 month old son Adi has been going to Anmol day care and we couldnt be more pleased. Initially I was very apprehensive about sending Adi to a daycare as he has not been away from me since his birth. The few times I tried leaving adi with professional nannies proved to be disaster as he cried non stop till I came for him. It was a totally different experience for me with Anmol Day Care.

When I met up with Madhu , the owner of Anmol day care, she assured me she would handle him and I immediately felt a comfort with her. She is personable, friendly and a very caring person. She understands the feelings of a mom leaving her kid for the first time.The first day I left Adi with Madhu, I kept waiting for her to call me and ask me to come and pick him up. When I did reach there, he was happily playing with her and the other kids. Within a few days he wanted to go to “Madhu Aunty’s house” and would ask about going to her place all the time.

Adi has now adjusted well and it is all due to the patience, love and care that Madhu has shown with him. He eats nutritious meals and is liking it there.
A definite 5 star rating and a thumbs up for Anmol Day Care.

Uma V., Santa Clara, CA
(existing parent)

Sep 2, 2012

My son has been going to Anmol day care for a month now and I definitely see an improvement in him.
Earlier transition from Nanny to his 1st daycare was really hard for him as well as for us as parents.
But here at Amnmol daycare it has been a totally different experience.
In earlier daycare, he would cry his heart out when we used to drop him off, but here the way Madhu greets him its a happy drop-off.

Madhu takes good care of him and ensures that he is learning new stuffs and has fun.
I am glad my son enjoys with the kids there.

Sreena S., San Jose, CA
(existing parent)

May 24, 2013

I had put my sons 4yr and 2 yr old in Anmol daycare under Madhu’s supervision around 6-7 mnths This place is amazing and so is Madhu. She is very polite and caring. She takes care of each and every kid as if they are her own. Best part is my kid never is hungry there. She feeds fresh and great variety to the kids and makes sure that each and every kid eat their meal. She would feed them with her own hands when required.

She also does nice circle time and my kids are learning a lot there.

To summarize, I am glad that I have started sending my kids to Anmol daycare

Mukti V., San Jose, CA
(existing parent)

July 23, 2013

I am a first time mom, and my baby boy has been going to Anmol Daycare since he was 2.5 months old. Madhu was gentle with me, as I transitioned back to work. Madhu has lovingly taken care of my son as if he is hers. My son is always happy to see Madhu in the morning, and is all smiles when I pick him up. I can go to work knowing he is safe under her care.

Jennifer F., San Jose, CA
(existing parent)

July 24, 2013

I am happy that my daughter 2 yrs old got good care at Anmol day care, Madhu was very caring & concerned with good food for the kids. My daughter had always good time, & she loved going to Anmol day care. Madhu had made efforts to teach preschool learnings, we were happy to see much improvement in our daughter skills. This was my daughter’s first day care experience & we got exactly the homely environment. My daughter & we are very happy with Anmol Day Care. Thanks to Madhu, I recommend Anmol day care.

Chetana A., San Jose, CA

July 26, 2013

My son has been going to Madhu’s day care since he was 7-8 month old and now he is 17 months. She takes good care of him and is like an extended family now. My son loves going there and doesn’t cry at drop off. Her assistant, Kuljit is also a very sweet and gentle person. He is a finicky eater and I have trouble getting him to eat well. But Madhu ensures he is well fed. Seeing the efforts she puts in making my son eat and the variety of food she provides at daycare makes me happy and satisfied. Also, when my son was unwell, she would even call over weekends to check upon his health and was genuinely concerned for him.

S. Gupta, San Jose, CA
(existing parent)